Everyone should study, because everyone has the right to education.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today

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Humans Care And Development Council established under the act of-council Reg. ADHINIYAM, 1973 (No.44 of 1973)
"Received the assent of the Governor of the 29th September, 1973, assent first published in the "Madhya Pradesh Gazette" (Extraordinary), Dated the 11th October, 1973).
An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to registration of literacy, scientific, education, religious, charitable and other societies, in Madhya Pradesh.
This Act Applied on- promotion and implementation of different schemes  sponsored by the State Government or the Central Government;
F-1(1)/42/98/a/XI- In exercise of the powers conferred by
Section 43 of the Madhya Pradesh Society Registrikaran Adhiniyam, 1973
(No. 44 of 1973)
By order and in the name of the Governor of Madhya Pradesh,
A.N.TIWARI, Dy.Secy.
Registration- See rule 6 Of M.P Govt Society Reg. Act 1973

Our Glory

We're making every child's world better

  • प्रतिभा सम्मान योजना के माध्यम से छात्रो को शिक्षा उपलब्ध करना एक पुनीत कार्य है, परिषद् का यह कार्य सराहनीय
    Mrs. Archana Chitnish School Education Minister 2011
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  • अध्यक्ष और कार्य समिति के कार्य की सराहना करता हु प्रतिभा सम्मान हेतु चलाया जा रहा अभियान सफल हो सार्थक
    संचालक लोक शिक्षण शहडोल संभाग
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  • हमारा उद्देश्य है सब पढ़े सब बढे कभी निर्धनता और जरूरत किसी महान बच्चे के भविस्य आड़े न आये
    एम गुप्ता
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  • Women Empowered (WE)

    Women Empowered (WE)

    Economic empowerment is central to women’s ability to overcome poverty, cope with shocks and improve their well-being. When women realize Read more
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  • Education For All

    Education For All

    Education To All- Education should build ethics in individuals and capital for the nation. The current system is mainly focusing Read more
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  • Right to Education

    Right to Education

    Right to Education The Constitution (Eighty-sixth Amendment) Act, 2002 inserted Article 21-A in the Constitution of India to provide free Read more
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